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How to stream with JWPlayer using a subfolder inside the Content Directory?

I have setup a wowza server using JWPlayer with the tutorial here but I can’t make it work with a subfolder. I get an “Error loading stream: Could not connect to server” error

The content directory in the vod application is this c:\wowzatest\TestingVideos and I can stream the videos with like this “rtmp://[ip-address]:1935/vod/MP4:cats.MP4” but I can’t access the files inside c:\wowzatest\TestingVideos\Files2

I’ve tried “rtmp://[ip-address]:1935/vod/Files2/MP4:cats.MP4” and “rtmp://[ip-address]:1935/vod/MP4:Files2/cats.MP4”. Is it possible to do this? What am I missing?

Edit: I came accross these threads

I needed to add definst/ after vod/


This article here will explain where Wowza Streaming Engine stores VOD content and how you can change that location for your VOD apps.

As noted by default, Wowza Streaming Engine is configured to stream VOD content from (and record VOD content to) the [install-dir]/content folder.

You can specify a different storage location for a VOD application in Wowza Streaming Engine Manager by changing the Content Directory value for the application.