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How to update License key for wowza streaming engine?

How to update License key for wowza streaming engine, can you provide steps or documentation for the same?

sure you can renew your Wowza streaming license key.

we are go live test streaming

You can replace the existing license key with the new license key @muthu kumaran:

To add or change license keys in Wowza Streaming Engine Manager, do the following:

  1. Click the Server tab, and then click Server Setup in the contents panel.
  2. On the Server Setup page, click Edit.
  3. In the License Keys box, enter your license key for Wowza Streaming Engine. If you need to enter multiple license keys, enter each license key on a separate line.
  4. Click Save, and then click Restart Now at the top of the Server Setup page when prompted. The new license(s) take effect after the server is restarted.

Hi @Rose_Power-Wowza_Com,

What if we have forgot the server password(on the streaming engine page )?

If I try to change the admin.password file in [install-dir]/WowzaStreamingEngine/conf/ folder and then try to restart the server, I am getting below error.

Bind attempt ([any]:8087)
WARN server comment - LicenseUpdateServer: Bind failed, try again ([any]:8087): Address already in use|at java.base/ Method)|at java.base/ Source)|at java.base/ Source)|at java.base/ Source)|at java.base/ Source)|at org.simpleframework.transport.connect.SocketAcceptor.bind(|at org.simpleframework.transport.connect.SocketAcceptor.(|at org.simpleframework.transport.connect.SocketListener.(|at org.simpleframework.transport.connect.SocketListenerManager.listen(|at org.simpleframework.transport.connect.SocketListenerManager.listen(|at org.simpleframework.transport.connect.SocketConnection.connect(|at org.restlet.ext.simple.HttpServerHelper.start(|at org.restlet.Server.start(|at org.restlet.Component.startServers(

How to fix this error?