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I am using the Wowza trial version, however, I do not see LinkedIn Live as a stream target

I signed up for the trial version, however, I do not see LinkedIn LIve as a stream target after setting up a transcoder. I am following the instructions of the video provided to setup LinkedIn Live.

Welcome to Wowza @Josue Batista! Not sure if you were able to find the doc on this in our search bar on wowza site, but you will see in the doc for Cloud and LinkedIn Live, this requires special permission from both LinkedIn and Wowza- it’s a beta program.

So, that particular stream target is not available on a trial, only for paid subscription.

Hey @Josue Batista, I spoke with the Cloud Product Manager and if you email , he’ll give you access to test out the LinkedIn stream target in the trial before purchasing.

If you run into any issues, you just let me know right here in this thread and I’ll see it. Thanks…

Thanks for your prompt feedback. I already have an approved LinkedIn Live on my personal LI account. So, if I sign up for the pay-as-you-go option, a couple of questions:

a) Will I see LinkedIn Live as one of my output options?

b) If it does not work, where can I find your cancellation and refund policy?


Will do, thanks a lot.

No self-promotion for your company in the forums per our Community Guidelines. Thank you.

Hi Rose, I sent an email to the cloud manager and never got a response, and LinkedIn Live was never added to my trial account. I just signed up pay-as-you-go, paid the $15 fee and still, I do not see LinkedIn Live as one of my output options. What am I missing?