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I need the file generated by wowza (M3U8, TS) to be https

I have WOWZA 2.2.3 installed on my centos 6 server.

The problem is the following, I need to leave the source of it in HTTPS, due to the new google standard, I changed everything the source and everything, but the code of the stream I can not change.


Within the last code, it generates m3u8 in http and not in https

USED MOZILLA: view-source:


I needed it to look like this:


Anyone know how I can solve this?

Wowza Streaming Engine can use an SSL certificate. We provide a free StreamLock SSL certificate to our paid customers.

You can instead use your own SSL certificate if you wish. Note that once you create the JKS file you can install the certificate using the StreamLock method.

Please also ensure that you have CORS enabled.