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iOS player progress bar buffering


I’ve got a quiestion about buffering on player included into iOS which playbacks HLS. How can I increase buffer on that? I want to my progress bar of that player filled while I’m viewing any VOD content. Is it should be done on server side or on client side? How can I do this?

I’ve find sendBufferSize and receiveBufferSize settings in Wowza but it seems that they concern only for socket size that wowza opens.

Thank you.


I think you are looking for this,

Always make a back-up when changing settings to prevent permanently adjusting something that you may not want to change.


Wowza can’t control how the iOS player is displayed. Maybe you see that effect with progressive download, that would make sense, but not for streaming. You can essentially increase the client buffer with those cupertino segmenter settings by increasing cupertinoPlaylistChunkCount



Thanks for an answer but I quite misunderstand you.

Do you suggest to increase cupertinoPlaylistChunkCount? I’m not sure that this is that I need. If I increase this value (to infinite for example or some big value) than wowza returns to player all chunks that vod content provides in playlist and than playlist grows for megabytes I think.

Am I right?

I’m talking about scenario when wowza doesn’t return all chunks in playlist but after client start playback sends them into it in background and progress bar of player became filled up.