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Is it right to compare srt with rtmp?

Is it right to compare srt with rtmp? I’m looking for srt. However, when I look at srt, there are many places that compare with udp, so I ask questions 1. Is srt a transport layer protocol? 2. If not, is srt better used like other streaming protocols, such as sldp?

Great question @jongwon cho. The only way you could evenly compare them is they are both video transport protocols. After that, they become very different. (Note- you do need an encoder that supports the SRT protocol.)

SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) is an open-source video transport protocol that enables the low-latency delivery of high-quality, secure video across sub-optimal networks.

SRT offers seamless delivery across the technology stack, even when network conditions are less than ideal. It provides an alternative to TCP connections through a reliable UDP transport solution for low-latency video, along with:

  • Packet loss recovery.
  • End-to-end security with AES encryption.
  • Network health monitoring between endpoints.
  • Simplified firewall traversal.

If you have unstable network conditions, most videos will sputter or stop, but SRT can quickly recover from any packet loss and viewers will notice very little or no difference in playback.

We can ingest SRT in both Wowza Streaming Engine and Wowza Streaming Cloud. It can be converted to other protocols for playback or you can use an SRT stream target:

Any news regarding this? I still need to send an SRT stream between wowza servers