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Is there any "few-to-many WebRTC broadcast" example available?

I have been reading about WebRTC video feature of wowza and its use cases for around couple of weeks now. I also did successful setup using wowza streaming engine (for WebRTC) with this link -
However, I want to extend this solution and customize it for below requirements -

  1. how can we setup a multi user video conferencing room (on browser based WebRTC technology) using wowza where few (around 50) presenters can join the common video room through browser (example zoom video call).
  2. Once above conference room is ON, we want to take out the single audio-video stream – which has audio-video from all participants and stream/broadcast the meeting room to many viewers (through HLS streaming) - to be embedded into independent web portal.
  3. Video cameras for different presenters need run-time customization to present a user friendly layout - so that dominant speakers are shown on screen as they speak.

Are there any available sample that can be used or is it possible to achieve with available wowza streaming engine features?

Documentation here says its few-to-many use case… but now guides on how we can achieve this.

Any pointers would help a lot.

Let me see what I can find for you, but in the meantime, one of our senior Wowza consultants built this:

Hi Danish, as @Rose Power-Wowza Community Manager said you can use for n to n webrtc video chat for first item, this is basic application that conference room member publish stream to the wowza and transcoded by wowza.

For second item, you mean mixing all the audio video like mcu ? Wowza does not support mcu , works like sfu. you can not make composite videos on wowza,

There are some kind of webrtc servers can generate composite on server, however none of them cant handle 50 concurrent client for mixing, even if the server make them all together, these servers cant give you hls output ( Note that : mcu is generally feature of sip based telepresence system such as cisco )

Your third question is based on mcu again I think, you want to change the mcu layout dynamically right ? It can be done if wowza supports webrtc mcu, unfortunately for now no chance.