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Kiloview E1 SRT ingest not working

I’m trying to set up SRT streaming from a Kiloview E1 encoder to Wowza. However, I’m unable to get an active stream going. I can verify that my encoder is putting out video- I can view the SRT stream with VLC. But I’ve tried both ways caller/listener, listener/caller, rendezvous etc., and can’t get an active stream. RTSP and RTMP (and TS-UDP) work just fine…any ideas?

Have you checked out the official documentation on this. There might be something small like a stream setting or something holding it back from working.

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Anything in the Wowza logs that indicates that the encoder is trying to connect over SRT?

The Wowza server is set up as listener so your Encoder must be set up as caller. Also check any firewalls and make sure the chosen UDP port is open outbound from your Encoder network inbound to your Wowza server. That includes firewalls on the server itself, e.g. firewalld (CentOS), ufw (Ubuntu), Windows Security, etc.

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