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Leave Teradek LIVE and start/stop with Wowza

Hi Everyone,

I’m streaming an event and I want to start and stop the stream so I have a recording and VOD etc.

Can I just leave my Teradek broadcasting LIVE all day and start and start exclusively with Wowza?

Bonus question. If the Teradek loses connection and/or video, with the stream stay live and reconnect automatically once video is restored?

Randy Smith
Wowza Noob

You can control recording via the Wowza REST API; see

Starting, Stopping and Restarting the stream depends on the publishing method you have chosen. If the Teradek PUSHes the stream, e.g. over RTMP, to the Server, then all control is on the Teradek side, and you should configure the Teradek to auto-reconnect after lost connection.

If you’ve set up your Wowza Server to PULL the stream from the Teradek (which requires the Teradek to have a public IP address, or at least NAT set up in your router), then you can control start and stop via the REST API, while restart after lost connection will happen automatically. Same counts for a setup with the SRT protocol.

Hi Randy,

There are a few ways to accomplish something like this, but it might not be the simplest method. (If pushing, you’d need to keep the transcoder running at all times so the encoder would not time out, and then would enable and disable specific stream targets. If pulling, you’d need to have a public IP for your encoder or configure your router to pass traffic through.)

Instead, have you considered using stream sources? This simplifies and automates the process of starting up your stream. Once configured, you only need to start sending the stream from the encoder, and all the Wowza components will be started automatically. It does put the trigger back on the encoder, rather than on the Wowza side, but will reduce starting a stream to a single step.


I hope this helps!


Our Wowza Streaming Cloud engineer found a better idea to do it through Cloud only as you can see above here, so I’d take his advice here over mine. Sorry for any confusion. We have a few different ways to execute workflows through Cloud and Engine, but I’d go with Stream Sources first. You can always send us a support ticket here at Wowza and we’ll help you get it set up and test for playback.

The Streaming Cloud manager found a better idea for how to do it through Cloud only and way less expensive! His name is Robert Vacante and he replied to you in the post!. So, I would try that before Engine to Cloud as Cassidy had suggested and reply to him with any questions. We’ll get you on the right path for your needs and keep it affordable and simple.