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About stream sources

With the Wowza Streaming Cloud™ service you can use two types of stream source.

First, you can add an RTMP-based Akamai stream source to a transcoder, creating a layer of redundancy that's important for mission-critical streaming workflows. An Akamai stream source is a Wowza Streaming Cloud edge resource. If one source stream fails, Wowza Streaming Cloud continues to receive and process the source video on the additional, backup stream source, ensuring that playback continues uninterrupted for your viewers. In addition, when you use multiple stream sources you can restart one of your transcoders while your stream continues to run on the other, again without disruption to viewers.

Wowza stream sources, in contrast, provide an entry point into Wowza Streaming Cloud that automatically detects the broadcast location of our source encoder or camera and uses the closest ingest point based on a DNS query. A transcoder connected to a Wowza stream source starts automatically when the video source starts and stops automatically when the video source disconnects.

Add a stream source

  1. Click Advanced on the menu bar, and then click Stream Sources.
  2. Click Add Source.
  3. Select the type of stream source you want to create.
  • Akamai Stream Source – Receives a second, backup source stream for a transcoder, either a region in Wowza Streaming Cloud or a location based on your source encoder's IP address.
  • You can add up to 10 Akamai stream sources in a three-hour period.
  • Each Akamai stream source configuration has total bitrate limit of 40 Mbps. This is the sum of the 20 Mbps limit for the primary entry point and the 20 Mbps limit for the backup entry point. See Calculating source encoding presets to ensure that your stream is within the bitrate limit.
  • Wowza Stream Source – Automatically selects a location based on the broadcast location of your video source and provides an instantaneous connection to an associated transcoder.
  1. Click Add Source.
  2. Provide the following details on the Add Stream Source page:
  • Stream Source Name – For Akamai and Wowza stream sources. A short, descriptive identifier for the stream source that differentiates it from other stream sources. The Stream Source Name is required but doesn't have to be unique, and it can't be longer than 255 characters.
  • Stream Source Location – For Akamai stream sources only. The location where you want Wowza Streaming Cloud to transcode your stream. The Stream Source Location should be the geographic region where you're capturing the video.
Note: You can't change the Source Stream Location after the stream source is created.

Wowza Streaming Cloud can create the Akamai stream source at one of its own regional transcoding centers or at a location based on your encoder's IP address.

Using an Akamai stream source at a regional Wowza Streaming Cloud location sends the stream directly to the transcoder. Select Choose a region in Wowza Streaming Cloud and then use the Stream Source Location menu to select the region where you're capturing your stream.

Creating an Akamai stream source based on your encoder's IP address routes the stream through a CDN endpoint that offers reduced latency between your video source and the Wowza Streaming Cloud transcoder. If you experience problems with the direct connection to Wowza Streaming Cloud or if you want to create a backup source stream or transcoder, choose Create a location based on my source encoder's IP address. Then, enter the encoder's Primary IP Address and, if you have one, its Backup IP Address. IP addresses must be pingable. If you don't specify a Backup IP Address, Wowza Streaming Cloud uses the Primary IP Address as the backup IP address.

  1. Click Add.

Find and sort stream sources

The five most recently used or edited stream sources appear in the Recent panel of the Stream Sources page. Use the Search box to find an older stream source to view or edit.

  1. Enter a complete or partial Stream Source Name or ID in the Search field.

Note: Wowza Streaming Cloud assigns a unique eight-character ID to every stream source. The ID appears under the stream source name in the search results table. If you don't know the ID, search by stream source name to find the ID. You can also get the ID by using the Wowza Streaming Cloud REST API

  1. Press Enter or Return, or click the magnifying glass icon.

Searches return 15 results per page, sorted from the newest to the oldest items.

  1. (Optional) Click the Stream Source, Located By, or Last Updated table header to change the sort option or direction of the search results.

View source details

  1. Click Advanced on the menu bar, and then click Stream Sources.
  2. Select a source in the Stream Sources panel.
Note: Stream sources that were created through the live stream workflow appear as [Live stream name] / Stream Source.

The details of an Akamai stream source in Wowza Streaming Cloud

The details that appear on the stream source detail page depend on whether it's an Akamai or Wowza stream source. For both types, the detail page displays the Stream Source Name, the Primary URL, the Stream Name, and the Transcoders Using This Stream Source.

Transcoders Using This Stream Source indicates which transcoders are configured to use this source. If the transcoder was created through the live stream workflow, (Live Stream) appears after the transcoder name. Click a transcoder name to view or edit it. To add a transcoder or change which transcoders use this source, add or edit a transcoder. See the user guide topic Add a transcoder or Edit a transcoder's settings, outputs, or targets.

Akamai stream sources display the Provider field, which shows that Wowza Streaming Cloud uses an Akamai RTMP source. The location details for an Akamai stream source depend on whether it's located in a Wowza Streaming Cloud region or in a location based on your source encoder's IP address.

Wowza stream sources show the State of the source, which can be started, stopped, or error.

Use the Primary URL, IP Address, Stream Name, Source Username, Source Password, and other values to configure your video source to communicate with Wowza Streaming Cloud.

Edit a stream source

Because stream sources are managed by Wowza Streaming Cloud, you can't change the location or any other settings after the source is created except, however, the source name.

  1. Click Advanced on the menu bar, and then click Stream Sources.
  2. Select a source in the Stream Sources panel and then click Edit.
  3. Enter a new name for the source, and then click Save.

Delete a stream source

You can only delete a source if it's not associated with a transcoder or a live stream.

  1. Click Advanced on the menu bar, and then click Stream Sources.
  2. Select a source in the Stream Sources panel and then click Delete Stream Source in the upper-right corner of the stream source detail page.