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Live Stream and auto record specifics streams


Pls help me with my problem.

I have a Wowza Streaming Engine 4.0.3 with Transcoder Addon and nDVR addon.

In application Live demo video pre-roll untill a live stream starts (by StreamPubslisher & ModuleLoopUntilLive).

STREAM1 is pre-roll stream.

STREAM2 is live stream.

By the Transcoder Addon live stream (STREAM2) is transcoding for other bitrate (STREAM2_360p, STREAM2_aac, etc).

How can i setup auto record specific streams only when STREAM2 is running (e.g. STREAM2 - live upstream, STREAM2_360p - live upstream with lower bitrate, etc).



You can achieve the described scenario by developing a custom Wowza module which would detect the desired stream name and start recording that particular stream.

Please take a look at the How to start and stop live stream recordings programmatically (IMediaStreamActionNotify3) article where you can find a code sample which you could modify according to your needs.


Check our our article on how to record streams programmatically. Then you can further modify the source to determine which streams are initiated via the onPublish method.

Take a look at this guide


Looking at your screenshot of the IDE, the class and method names with the red squiggles do not have supporting import lines at top. If you mouse over any of those you will see an option to import the required library; just mouse over, do not click until you see the import option.

Also, take a look at this guide to using the Wowza IDE. This guide is a little out-dated with references to the stand-alone Wowza IDE (which is no longer available) and Wowza 3 paths, but it is still the essential guide to implementing Wowza application Modules, HTTPProviders and ServerListeners



We have a user’s guide for the Wowza IDE2 which is needed to compile Modules for Wowza.

It is a little out of date, (referencing older Wowza versions) but the basics are all there.



I am newbie.

I have a 2 question:

  1. How to compile example module in jar file by command line in Linux?

  2. Where is place of stream specified in the LiveStreamRecordAutoRecord example module ( ) ?



i have been done this and compile the example module.

All work.

Thank u very match!

Pls help me how can i change the output filename ?

e.g. in next format: “datetime_streamname” ?

Pls explain how to compile this source code from ?

I want to use the specific file name by template after the automatic record starts by IMediaStreamActionNotify3 (this guide with the ILiveStreamRecordFileVersionDelegate

But i don’t understand how can i do this.

I tried to adding the new class to the IMediaStreamActionNotify3, but the Eclipse got error

Description	Resource	Path	Location	Type
File cannot be resolved to a type	/autorecord/src/com/wowza/wms/example/module	line 30	Java Problem
WMSLoggerFactory cannot be resolved	/autorecord/src/com/wowza/wms/example/module	line 38	Java Problem
ILiveStreamRecordFileVersionDelegate cannot be resolved to a type	/autorecord/src/com/wowza/wms/example/module	line 9	Java Problem
ILiveStreamRecord cannot be resolved to a type	/autorecord/src/com/wowza/wms/example/module	line 11	Java Problem
Date cannot be resolved to a type	/autorecord/src/com/wowza/wms/example/module	line 15	Java Problem
Date cannot be resolved to a type	/autorecord/src/com/wowza/wms/example/module	line 15	Java Problem
File cannot be resolved to a type	/autorecord/src/com/wowza/wms/example/module	line 18	Java Problem
File cannot be resolved to a type	/autorecord/src/com/wowza/wms/example/module	line 18	Java Problem

Pls help me.


I am try to add the ILiveStreamRecordFileVersionDelegate by adding into the IMediaStreamActionNotify3 package.

Pls explain, how to recall a MyDelegate class from IMediaStreamActionNotify3 ?

I imported nessasary libraries.

But - i don’t understand how can i import and use ILiveStreamRecordFileVersionDelegate ?

I try to add this class into the IMediaStreamActionNotify3 package, and succesefuli compile it.

But it does not change anything (autorecord is working).