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LiveStreamRecordAutoRecord module help


i want to know about LiveStreamRecordAutoRecord module how can i use it for schedule based recording? like, 1 * * * *


Hello there.

The StreamRecorderAutoRecordAdvancedExample module demonstrates how to set StreamRecorder configuration parameters such as the segmentationType, segmentationDuration, fileFormat, and so on. This module also has a custom file version delegate that implements the IStreamRecorderFileVersionDelegate interface and sets the StreamRecorder parameters to use this class instead of the built-in one.

If this does not answer your question can you please explain what you are trying to do exactly?

Also, the LiveStreamRecordManager APIs are fully documented in the “com.wowza.wms.livestreamrecord.manager” section in the Javadocs installed with the Wowza Streaming Engine software ([install-dir]/documentation/serverapi) and in the Wowza Streaming Engine Server-Side API

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If you want to enable scheduled recording. you will need to build a custom module using the examples provided by “salvadore”.

The scheduler used for the segmentation type is basically creating a recording segment at the scheduled time.

If you wish to implement a recording that would start and stop according to a schedule, you can use the operating system schedules (crontab) that would run a CURL command in order to start “Recording live streams using URL queries

Basically, to start a recording at the desired time you would need to access this URL:


and to stop it:


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Thank you for replaying

i am trying to set auto schedule based ( hourly, 1 * * * *) recording of my live stream in Wowza 4.x. with custom file name, STREAMNAME_CURRENTDATE_CURRENTHOUR.mp4.

Like, MyStream_30-03-2015_23.mp4

i tried to use LiveStreamRecordAutoRecord module but its working on duration based recording, i have changed the segmentationType in WOwza 4 Manager to schedule but it still recording on duration not on schedule.

could any one help me regarding this please.



is there any examples of how to build a custom wowza module ?