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Load Balancing within single country/internal network

So we have our own Wowza systems set up with some on the west coast, midwest and east coast. Trying to move to HLS we’re running into issues with load balancing. Our current DNS based solution (F5 Big-IP DNS) doesn’t seem to offer any way for session affinity for locations with multiple nodes. I was hoping the wowza load balancer plugin would be the solution, but it seems that’s best suited for international load balancing. I’ve read through the docs, but don’t seem to find any supporting info on geographical load balancing that would apply to a single country or a private network. Can anyone provide info or suggestions on the best approach to geographical load balancing that’s only in the US and all clients are coming from an internal network with private IPs? Thanks

If all of your live and VOD content comes from one location then you should consider using our origin edge configuration. In this instance you would install Wowza Streaming Engines in the geographically disparate locations in your network so that they can play content from the closest edge server.

To have them connect to the edge server best for them please read the following article.

Hi Kevin,

This seems to apply to us as we use a single node to push the stream out to all edge nodes via Stream Targets. Users get directed to an edge server via DNS load balancing. Would this allow us to not have to worry about the issue of the DNS TTL changing the node a user is pointing to and then getting the issue of requesting HLS chunks that don’t exist on that edge yet?

I also just found the property cupertinoCalculateChunkIDBasedOnTimecode which may solve my immediate issue. Still think my load balancing needs to be improved to be more scalable and fault tolerant. Any ideas of whether the StreamResolver you mentioned with a combination of that property is a good combo?