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MPEG-TS stream lost sound via stream files


I’m using Wowza Streaming Engine 4 Perpetual Edition 4.1.1 build13180 and try to stream from multicast to RTMP.

  1. Added stream file with udp://

  2. Connected to the stream via Live application and MeadiaCaster type RTP.

  3. Incoming streams shows the stream ok like:

Stream Uptime up since 04 Apr 2016 02:42:04 PM up for about a minute

Network Throughput

Bytes In: 11988760 @ 1.750 Mbits/s

Bytes Out: 0 @ 0.000 bits/s

The problem: Test player shows video but no sound, however source comes with video and audio as well.

So, we need somehow fix this issue ASAP. Thank you, guys!


Upgraded to the latest version: Wowza Streaming Engine Version 4.4.1 (build 17882)

The problem still exists, but find something can help:

With HLS (http://my_server:1935/live/ video and audio is playing well with VLC player, but none of the other streams has sound as well as same HLS stream coud not play in JW Player or any other Web based players:




Logs show such thing:

LiveStreamPacketizerSanJose.handlePacket[live/definst/][mp4a.40.33]: MP3 Audio: Audio is not MPEG1 Layer 3. May not be playable by Flash player.

Any thoughts? Is there any way to convert audio?


You may want to try using the transcoder to change the audio type to AAC audio. This is the default audio output type used with the “transcode” template, included with Wowza Streaming Engine.

Please see the Wowza Specifications page for a list of supported input audio types.

Best regards,


The Wowza Transcoder is not supported on Mac OS. Are you running Mac? Otherwise the Transcoder ships with Wowza Streaming Engine and should be included.




You could request a trial license to test and confirm that the Transcoder works in your environment and addresses the issues described. If so then a simple upgrade path would be to purchase the equivalent production license.


Thank you, Andrew.

My build not included transcoder. May I ask you for trial this add-on to verify does it fit for me to all my 150 streams OR how I can buy/try/install It on my Wowza Streaming Engine Version

4.4.1 (build 17882)?

No, Wowza installed on Linux OS on a server. Unfourtenantly transcoder not included.

May I ask somehow to send an add-on or incstruct how can I enable it?