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Multiple input streams and one output streams

I want to have multiple input streams from different devices and one specified output.

The way I was thinking of doing this that on my first connection I duplicate my stream (for example “mystream1”) and call the second stream something like “output”. I have a flowplayer that subscribes to that “output”. Then if a second or a third stream appears(Ex.: “mystream2” and/or “mystream3”) I will be able to switch which stream is feeding the output stream. The final user wont see the changes just keeps watching the same stream.

Also is it possible to use a user and password for all streams except that output. I want that output to be public.


You could publish multiple streams and switch between them on the player side by referencing the streams within a .smil file.

Alternatively, you could write a custom Module that uses the functionality that’s in the ModuleLoopUntilLive which allows the source of a playback stream to be switched while the player remains connected.

If you need assistance writing a custom Module, we have a list of independent consultants which is available on request but this will require that you open a ticket with our support team

Alternatively you can post in our Find a consultant forum for assistance.


Jason Hilton

Technical Support Engineer

Wowza Media Systems

Looking around I found many thing that people might find usefull

and this, that apparently does what I asked for