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Music Collaboration

Has anyone used Wowza for remote music collaboration? For example, a band of musicians, each in their own location, jams together through a platform you built, with Wowza Streaming Engine powering the stream, and a WebRTC workflow. If so, was the latency acceptable? For musicians, the timing of ensemble must be precise, so it would have to be ultra low latency with a time lag that is barely noticeable. Zoom, Skype, etc. have high latencies, which doesn’t work at all for this use case. Given that we are all staying home these days, there must be a demand for this.

Yes, live jam sessions can be built using WebRTC and Wowza Streaming Engine for close to real-time streaming. There is no out-of-the box simple app to deploy and will require the knowledge to work with the WebRTC code.