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Playback: Segment size differences between HLS and DASH

Though it’s possible to manually adjust segments to be smaller, Apple released specs for its Apple Low-Latency HLS (LL-HLS) extension, which is now incorporated into HLS’s feature set. LL-HLS brings its latency down to sub three seconds, close to two. MPEG-DASH’s recommended segments were always smaller, so it used to perform better in terms of latency until LL-HLS came along.

DASH has its own low latency specs known as LL-DASH, but it can also take the form of CMAF. CMAF is a media format that can break both HLS and DASH streams into smaller chunks and publish them after encoding, CMAF is mostly applied to reduce latency in DASH streams now that LL-HLS is part of the HLS package. Overall, the latency of HLS vs. DASH is comparable.