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Port 1935 showing http 404 error on Windows 10

I installed wowza 4.8.8 in my PC running on windows 10 . The admin page http://localhost:8088 is working fine but when I try to visit http://localhost:1935 it is showing me “No webpage was found for the web address: http://localhost:1935” HTTP ERROR 404

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Did you check that your system meets all the requirements for

There were quite a few changes and new system requirements in the last 2 or 3 releases that would affect this new release as well. This includes the Java version you are running.

You can review the requirements here:

You may need technical support to review for any firewall or port issues that may be preventing it from working over 1935.

Here are the specific system requirements for Windows and Engine.

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Is the Wowza Streaming Engine service actually started; and if so, can you see in the Wowza logs that the service did successfully bind to port 1935?

Hello The manager uses port 8088. Port 1935 is use to stream…Therefore once its bind…all should be well. :slight_smile: