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Question: Video conference using Wowza WebRTC

Hello, I’m sorry to contact you through the translator.
I am testing the video conferencing solution using Wowza Engine. There is a problem with the test on the Wowza web page ( )
Many-to-many connections do not allow clients to connect smoothly, so they should be reconnected.
Also, each client has a different client that succeeds in connecting
(Each user is in a different network environment)

The questions are as follows.
What part of Wowja’s engine should I set up to solve this problem?
Is the WebRTC server implemented as a peer-to-peer, SFU, or MFU?
Could you give me any advice on this matter?

Sorry I missed this earlier. I would say that our webrtc offering is not really built for many-to-many, it works best for one-to-many or few-to-many. Our docs only recommend those two workflows:

WebRTC is designed for peer-to-peer connections, but not for many-to-many.