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Questions on Java Version and Other

We are just adopting the Wowza and we have a couple of questions we are hoping some of the experts here can help answer:
(1.) Wowza application says that you have to use the version of Java it comes with pre-bundled. This means we can not freely and openly update java on that system without some risk and I see this as a critical vulnerability. Any insight?

(2.) I have been trying to contact the product/technical support group, and I am yet to get any response. Can someone point me in the right direction?

You have to use the minimum version that ships with that Engine version in order for it to work properly. Several of the built in Engine libraries are complied to work with that specific Java version and if you don’t use the minimum required, you will get errors. But you are not limited to that particular version if there are newer ones available. You can certainly update your Java to a newer version as long as you point Engine to the version you intend to use.

Tech support will respond to you and show you how to do this. Remember that tech support standard support is 48 hrs business days for a response. You can always upgrade your support plan for faster reponses.

For example:

  • Wowza Streaming Engine 4.8.18 and later requires OpenJDK Java SE JRE 11.0.2 at a minimum, but supports up to Java version 12.

If you want to use 12 instead of 11, you would need to point Engine to the version you are using so it knows and can sync properly.

Now you didn’t mention which version you were using which would be helpful to know in order to assist you, but if you are using a version older than 4.8.18 then this is what your options are:

  • Wowza Streaming Engine versions 4.7.8 through 4.8.17 require OpenJDK Java SE JRE 9.0.4 at a minimum, but support up to Java version 12. Previous versions of Wowza Streaming Engine (version 4.7.7 and earlier) required Java 8.

Same thing, if you want to use a version newer than 9, you can and then point Engine to which one.

Hope that helps! As I said tech support will assist you further.

Absolutely. Thanks so much

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Of course!

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