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RTSP Server output


I have a client asking about me producing an RTSP feed. There are some port forwarding issues I’ve run into which might mean I cannot broadcast directly from my server using RTSP (server uses 4G uplink which I gather forbids using RTSP due to NAT IP sharing).

Can wowza streaming cloud act as an RTSP server ‘destination’ which client could connect to? I would then stream to wowza via RTMP. What effect on latency would this have?

Are there any other options? They have given me the option of HLS but prefer RTSP due to latency (latency is important here).

Thanks in advance.

Hey @chris_blackwell, can you give me an idea of the use case? The only playback options in Cloud right now are HLS and WebRTC. You’d have the option for RTMP>RTSP in Streaming Engine:

How low of latency do you need? You can check the “enable low latency streaming” box in Streaming Cloud manager which can bring your latency down to 6 to 8 seconds for HLS.

If you decide to go with Engine instead:

The article below is a full walkthrough on how to connect an RTMP encoder to Wowza Streaming Engine.

To use RTSP for playback please enable RTSP under the Playback Types section on your live application page.

Your playback url would look like this: