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Run rest api on custom port?

Hi, when I try to run the rest api on custom port different of 8087 que Wowza Manager can’t connect to the server and show me this mensage: “Wowza Streaming Engine Manager could not connect to the Wowza Streaming Engine service(http://localhost:8087). Verify that the Wowza Streaming Engine service has started and is running.”

I can’t run the rest api on another custom port? Need to be always 8087 ?

If you search that error in the search bar above for forums or in docs or in our FAQ page, you will find multiple resources that discuss and answer this. But, yes you can use a different one:


Wowza Streaming Engine uses the following default ports:

It’s important that you configure your network and firewall to allow communication on these ports or configure alternative ports for these purposes.

For more information about managing the ports used by Wowza Streaming Engine, see Streaming and administration ports for Wowza Streaming Engine.

This is not my question…

I asked if is posible to use another port different that 8087 for the rest api, because I changed the rest api port from 8087 to 8080 and now the Manager can’t connect to the wowza because is not using the default 8087 port… My configuration: