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Server module or plugin to read live stream from non-RTSP connection

I am looking for a wowza server plugin/module which reads a live stream from a non-RTSP connection. I mean, how can I make a wowza server to read live stream from a TCP connection and re-stream it to clients. I did already aksed same question here, but not getting expected answer. Is it possible to write such module/plugin?

I found this article useful. Correct me if I am wrong, create a SDP and save it to installation directory and start redirecting RTP frames from TCP socket to two UDP sockets (Video and Audio). Wowza will read SDP file and start receiving frames.


Yes, you can use the instructions described in that article to ingest an RTP stream coming from an anecoder.

Also, you can takle a look at the following forum article describing “How to publish and play a live stream (MPEG-TS based encoder)