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Set schedule for a transcoder


We plan to set up an “Office Hours” style setup where users can use the streaming service between certain hours. This process will be automated in that the users will not have access to WSC to start and stop the streams, but they will be able to start/stop the encoders.

Is there a way to setup a transcoder that does not time out (Idle=0) between certain hours?

What is the cost (for a pay as you go) to leave a transcoder on for 24 hours without an incoming connection?


I’m looking into the best way to do this as far as potential transcoder charges.

I would suggest 24/7 passthrough for an immediate solution which is $60 a month plus data and that is for single bitrate. If you need adaptive bitrate streaming, we have an option for that as well. Here is a pricing page for your reference.

If you’d like to talk with us about building a workflow that would start a transcoder only when a player connects, you can submit a support ticket here and discuss with a Cloud engineer.