Per-Channel Plans for Live Linear Channels and IP Camera Feeds

Wowza Streaming Cloud 24x7 pricing plans are ideal for IP camera feeds or OTT live-linear-channel broadcasts. Pay a flat fee per channel and pay as you go for bandwidth.

Wowza Streaming Cloud 24x7 Streaming Plans

24x7 Passthrough

(Single-Bitrate Streaming)


$60 per Channel


Pay as You Go for Bandwidth 

($0.16/GB egress and $0.055/GB CDN)


24x7 Transcoding

(Multi-Bitrate Streaming)


$500 per Channel


Pay as You Go for Bandwidth 

($0.16/GB egress and $0.055/GB CDN)


More Pricing Details

Standard Cloud Processing & Usage Charges

  24x7 Plans
Transcoded Stream Processing ($/hour) $5.00
Passthrough Stream Processing ($/hour) $0.12
Egress Usage ($/GB) $0.16
CDN Delivery ($/GB) $0.055
Peak Recording Storage* ($/GB) $0.08
* Applied as a billing cycle high-water mark

Frequently Asked Questions

What is passthrough streaming?
Passthrough streaming is a budget-friendly way to route and transmux single-bitrate streams through Wowza Streaming Cloud. Perfect for IP camera live feeds or routing streams to other destinations.


How is bandwidth billed?
Bandwidth is billed at the end of your bill cycle and according to the amount of egress and network usage incurred during the bill cycle. You can track your usage via the viewer stats view in your account portal.


Why is bandwidth charged separately?
Our 24x7 streaming plans serve many different use cases, from professional broadcasters streaming in UHD to low-bitrate security cameras. To make our service as affordable as possible for all customers, Wowza charges bandwidth separately for 24x7 streaming plans.

What is transcoded streaming?
Transcoded streams are an affordable way to transcode live 24x7 streams in the cloud. Send a single-bitrate stream into Wowza Streaming Cloud and it will be transcoded for multi-bitrate streaming. 


How can I add more channels to an existing account?
You can add a 24x7 transcoding or passthrough channel to your Wowza Streaming Cloud subscription at any time in your account portal.


How do I cancel my subscription?
You may cancel your subscription at any time in your account portal.

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