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Shakey output

Hello. Working with clearcaster demo unit. Outputting from Production Bot 1080p but output on FB live is shakey as all heck.

Hello Ralph,

  1. Can you clarify what you mean by shakey output?

  2. Are you also seeing this same output on the Talent View monitor?

If you are still facing this issue please submit a support ticket so our team, that is available 24/7 365 can assist you with this issue:

Thanks in advance,

Jason Hatchett

I’ve seen this before. What video device are you using to output to the clearcaster? I have the same issues wifhy AJA output cards, but toggling between 29.97 & 30fps usually solves it.


We also experience “shakey” output on the “talent View Monitor”, however I’m sure that’s only here, not on the actual Streaming Output!

Hello Xavier,

We are working this issue within a Support ticket and we will post the steps for resolution here after we have completed the support ticket.


Jason Hatchett


Through direct communication, the issue posted here, for more than one ClearCaster operator may present itself on the Talent view for some monitors that cannot properly display an interlaced video signal through their HDMI input, since the Facebook Live platform requires a Progressive input the signal will be converted inside the ClearCaster and this progressive output will be sent to the Monitor.

If you are seeing an improper output on your monitor, as described here, please submit the specific Monitor model to the support team by opening a support ticket here:

You can also check the specifications of your monitor yourself to see if the monitor in use should display a Progressive signal or if the Monitor is designed to display interlaced signals only

Jason Hatchett