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Shut down Wowza in Linux command line

I have installed Linux Ubuntu server with LAMP and Java. Now I have succeded in starting the server with the command ./ (as is stated in the User manual). I have written the license key and now the server is running. The last line of output is “Wowza Media Server is started” :D:D:D

Now it would be very usefull to be able to shut the server down. The user manual states that ./ is the right command to use but nothing happens when I type that. I must admit I am a Linux newbee and the normal prompt is not present after Wowza has been started. How do I do to be able to stop it with ./


Thank you for your interest in Wowza Media Server. It sounds like you need some help getting started.

You can stop Wowza while running in the linux command console (“Standalone Mode”) by entering a [control]-[c] command, which will immediately shut down the application. Otherwise, you can execute ./, however, you will need to open another SSH session or terminal window to fulfill that command. For more information, take a look at these articles from the Quick Start Guide: