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Spectators info

good morning,
Is it possible to obtain the information of the spectators connected to a live show such as the IP address or the coordinates for geolocation through the rest API?
thank you

There’s no direct REST API query to get this, but it is possible. “If the viewers are connecting directly to the Wowza Server for playback then each viewer has its own session and with e.g. a custom module you could obtain the IP address of that viewer. That won’t work if you’re distributing your stream via a CDN though.” (Please see post: Can I check if the person watching the video is watching it?)

Once you know the session id, then you can create an HTTP Provider which will obtain the IP address:

This is the part of the HTTP provider code sample you want to look at:


Full code and tutorial is here:

Consider looking at the module wse-plugin-analytics on the wowza GitHub public repo.