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SSL/TLS encryption of WebRTC under localhost testing

based on the document of “set-up-webrtc-streaming-with-wowza-streaming-engine-manager”

“Encryption is required for all components of the WebRTC workflow. You must have a secure HTTP (HTTPS) connection to a web camera for WebRTC publishing and playback.”

But under localhost testing without outbound internet access, how to enable WebRTC?
if it possible to use WebRTC without SSL/TLS encryption?


Yes it is possible to run WebRTC on a localhost, and if you search the forums for “webrtc localhost”, you will find some discussion around this if those posts help you.

For a localhost, you will need to use your local IP address, this can be found with ipconfig or ifconfig command.

You will then request a certificate with this IP address.

Then in your webrtc Application.xml

You will need to enter your IP address here:

	<!-- comma separated list of IP addresses and the transport information. For multiple IP's use a pipe character to separate the lists -->

Save and restart your application for changes to take effect.

I would recommend using TCP port 443 and this will be setup in the VHost.xml as shown in the StreamLock guide. If you are using your own SSL certificate: As long as the DNS the certificate belongs to can respond with a local IP of your server you can run webrtc on your local network.

if you need any help, please send us a a support ticket and we’ll be happy to help.

hi, i follow the steps from the link you provided
now i can access the file by https://[ ssl-certificate-domain-name ]:443/vod/mp4:sample.mp4/playlist.m3u8

but about the next step you mentioned above

Then in your webrtc Application.xml
You will need to enter your IP address here:


may i know why i didn’t see the folder “webrtc” under [install-dir]/conf?

She’s implying that your application is named “webrtc”. You have two applications based on the directories shown - “live” and “vod”. Are you trying to build a webrtc application in either of those existing ones? Or are you trying to create a new application named “webrtc” to testing webrtc streaming?


many thanks!! it works now !!!

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