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Stream name is empty. Supposed to be called "MyStream"?

Missing title. Missing body.

I’m two days in with our Wowza trial and have several related problems.

My first problem is that the Wowza player is hardcoding a path that doesn’t work. I’ve got a live stream coming in (from Wirecast/OBS/vMix…all same result) and the hardcoded path in the Wowza Player is http://x.x.18.170:1935//live/playlist.m3u8. Note the double slash there before live.3-20-2017-4-10-52-pm.png

The second problem is that under Incoming Streams, the stream listed has no name. When I try to follow along with this guide his stream actually has a name, MyStream. Mine is just blank.I don’t know if this is a problem, however it seems strange that my configuration is so different from the video guide I linked to…I’m having trouble following along with his steps because I have no stream name to reference.3-20-2017-4-12-36-pm.png

I’ve found that in Wirecast I can specify the stream name, while in vMix and OBS I cannot. Without the stream name I can’t seem to use the Wowza player or follow along with the above mentioned guide, therefore it seems that only vMix and OBS are not fully compatible with Wowza Server.

OBS works well with Wowza Streaming Engine.

Attached are two screen shots from OBS encoder. One of them shows how to configure the encoding settings for proper live streaming.

To deliver an ABR compliant stream you must include the “no-scenecut” option when you use the x264 implementation of the H.264 video codec. If that does not happen and you are delivering segmented content like HLS then players will have problems not only playing back your content but also have issues switching to a different bitrate rendition if you are delivering Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) content.

The other OBS screenshot shows how to configure delivery of the live stream to your Wowza Streaming Engine. Please note that by default Wowza Streaming Engine requires a username and password for the encoder to connect to. The link below will provide a walkthrough on how to add a user to the live encoder authentication list.

This will show you how to enable and disable RTMP source authentication: