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Styling in closed caption vod smil?

We are providing the subtitles in HLS stream via TTML files and are using SMIL’s to create M3U8’s. Subtitles work fine but how to enable styling in those captions?

We found some articles on how to put styling in TTML files like below, but sill the webvtt equivalent that Wowza delivers to the front end in form of chunks, does not contain any styling.

All we really need is to move captions to a certain position in forms of XY coordinates.

Here is the samle ttml we use:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

ttm:titleSample TTML</ttm:title>



Top Hello

Bottom Hello

He had a great story.

- Did he tell you what it was about?
- He did.

In 1992, a shipping container
fell overboard

on its way from China

to the United States,
releasing 29,000 rubber ducks

into the Pacific Ocean.

Let me check into this for you…

What player are you using @Ankit Gaur? Sometimes the styling depends on the player, that is why I ask.

Hi there, we are using, AVPlayer for IOS. I don’t think its a player issue as, I am tracking caption chunks in postman, and could not find any styling attributes in the chunks delivered to front end.


Also this is the article we have used to implement the captions:

Ok let me circle back with tech support and see what can find out.

Hello @Ankit Gaur, we do nut support styling of the captions at this time in our Wowza Player or in the Wowza Streaming Engine. Whether or not a player accepts the styling “directions” as far as location of the caption appears to be dependent on the player. Some ignore it and are just supportive of that feature. The JW player is worth exploring as a potential candidate for your needs.

I’m sorry for any inconvenience, but please do update the community on your results with other players.