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Suddenly cannot stream to Facebook Live


I’m running a Wowza Streaming Engine 4.7.2 build20903, and occasionally need to stream to Facebook Live.

I properly configured a Stream Target, that worked well for several month until September 30th, 2017.

Suddenly, on October 1st (I understand this might be just a coincidence) it stopped working, that is I couldn’t enable the stream target anymore. When enabling, after getting “starting” status for few seconds, the status of the stream target always turned to “error”.

Here is the error in Streaming Engine logs:

PushPublishFacebookUtil.getTokenInfo: GET path:v2.6/debug_token result:403

And this was the browser console content from Wowza Streaming Engine Manager:

WOWZA.Facebook.login.verifyPermissions: error: empty response

doFBLogin: {“result”:“fail”,“reason”:“facebook api error”}

None of these fixed the issue:

  • Re-login to Facebook with same or different account (both with admin privileges);

  • Recreate the stream target from scratch;

  • Restart Wowza Streaming Engine;

Can anyone advice? Thanks

I got this same issue with

I have the same issue. But changing streamkey it seems work.

no it does not work same issue

I just find that if streaming on my FB timeline it works when try to stream on a page that I manage it gives out the error can you please confirm that thanks

Actually I couldn’t even select where to stream, because I got the error just after logging into Facebook without any chance to go further.

I can tell you that it’s two day’s that after 19:00 at my local time suddenly all my page can get loged in and can stream on it.

Now is 20:00 at my local time.

This morning 08:00 at my local time does not work. I think that this issue is something to do with new wowza Clear Cast.

Updated to latest update, but the situation remains.

Got the same issue, looks like it works just fine streaming to Facebook Groups… but Facebook pages does fail.

Using same Build 4.7.2

Got the same issue in 4.7.0 (build 20186). Did a downgrade on the server.

I have the same problem, even after updateing to Wowza Streaming Engine Manager Version (build 21159).

Same issue for me in (build 21159).

Stream Target Facebook work only for timeline & group. Publish a new post on page make an error.

Yes make error and page locked for about 12h

Having the same problem…is No one at wowza going to answer this question?

17:32:13 (CDT)

server (500) Live Feed:DIMM-FB-Live2/definst/myStream) Failed to start a child session, retrying in 0.3 seconds

x-duration: 62897.386

17:32:13 (CDT)

server (500)

PushPublishFacebookHandler.createChildConfig(TV25-DIMM-FB Live Feed:DIMM-FB-Live2/definst/myStream) Failed to create a Facebook live video

x-duration: 62897.386

17:32:13 (CDT)

server (200)

PushPublishFacebookUtil.createLiveVideo: POST path:v2.6/358014307732979/live_videos result:400

x-duration: 62897.385

17:32:13 (CDT)

server (200)

PushPublishFacebookUtil.createLiveVideo: request URL:{“value”:“SELF”}&title=Drive+In+Movie+Maniacs+Presents%3A&description=2000+Maniacs&appsecret_proof=

They are pushing hard Wowza Clearcaster, a 6k $ appliance “dedicated to improving the reliability, quality and success of Facebook Live events”.

So no surprise if users of the Streaming Engine have little success…

this moring seems work. can anyone confirm


Hi to everyone

This is the answer from wowza support :

We have found that all of your approved apps on your FaceBook Page that make API calls to your Page affect the overall number of API calls allowed to be made. In some cases, API errors can occur and be indicative of other API-abusive apps affecting your success in pushing live video to the Page. In other words, all API calls to your FaceBook Page affect one another as it relates to FaceBooks policy on API Rate Limiting.

With this information, we have begun developing a new FaceBook API application to handle this more efficiently in an upcoming release (4.7.3). Unfortunately, I do not have a specific timeline to provide on when that will be, but suffice it to say we are striving to get this release out soon.

So what can you do until this new release is available?

  1. Disable the stream target when not in use.

  2. FaceBook also enforces a standard account level API rate limit. 200 calls per app per hour per user in aggregate. If you manage multiple targets with a single FaceBook account, we would suggest limiting the number of targets setup under a single FaceBook account.

  3. Do not leave the Stream Target page open in the browser. The ongoing refresh option initiates status calls to the targets.

  4. Emphasize to your customers that if they make account changes or change their password to let you know. When they make these types of changes, it will invalidate the existing tokens on your FaceBook stream targets.

Hi everyone,

My name is Jamie Sherry and I am on the Product Management Team here at Wowza Media Systems. I am responding to let you know that we are looking into this issue and will respond when we know more. Please note, that this issue has nothing to do with Wowza ClearCaster and our commitment to supporting Facebook Live API with Wowza Streaming Engine has not changed.

Also, please keep in mind that the Wowza Support Team is here to help with technical issues. The best and most thorough route is to submit an issue here: