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Two wowza streaming engine servers


I have a streaming engine server where I have multiple cameras. My plan is to use Wowza Server 1 streams on Wowza Server 2.
Wowza Server 1 IP:
Wowza Server 2 IP:

Application name in Wowza: Livestream

For example, I have where this stream status is active and I can access it through VLC with the link rtsp://

On Server 2:
I configured another server and I tried created a stream file called with URL “rtsp://” . When status of this stream is always Waiting for stream.

I followed the below step but I didn’t know what they mean with "Destination Stream Name* since i don’t have any stream on the destination server.

When setting up your stream target, the destination stream name is the name of the stream the stream target will send to the destination.

Some destinations require you use a specific stream name, which you will enter here. So, if your Server 1 application name is Livestream and the stream name in that application is Video-1 then that is what I believe you are trying to send to server 2. So you need to tell the stream target what stream to send so it knows which one to send to Server 2. In this case, your destination stream name is video-1. That’s the one you want send from Server 1 to the destination or to Server 2. This is not the same as application name, so be careful there.

But, I am guessing based on what you shared. If that doesn’t fix it, we’ll need to take a closer look at your configuration to see why it can’t receive the stream but I suspect it’s the stream names from server 1 to server 2.

Send us a support ticket and we’ll be happy to review your setup and get it working. Thanks.