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Upload file segment to s3

Can I upload the live data segment to S3 as I am getting it. Is there any module in wowza or I can create custom module for this ?

I don’t want recording feature. I want to send the data to s3 via wowza.

Hello @Gaurav_Srivastava, you can do this with CloudFront and with a paid license purchased directly through Wowza.

  • The CloudFront distribution is an HTTP caching infrastructure that pulls HTTP chunks from your Wowza Streaming Engine server HTTP caching origin and caches them. All clients receive the same cached data.

Doc for CloudFront and Engine:

Your other option is to purchase and run a Streaming Engine server right from the AWS marketplace:

Here is a helpful FAQ guide to help you decide which is best for you. :slightly_smiling_face:

@Rose_Power-Wowza_Com , CloudFront is fine we will use it for live streaming.
But we also want to send the chunks to s3 bucket at the same time.Our requirements are

  1. Live streaming (CloudFront)
  2. Record a clip for live stream during the streaming (for example last minute clip). To achieve this we need to upload the chunks to s3 at the same time.

Can I do this ? Push data to CDN ans s3 at the same time ??

We only have the S3 automatic upload module- for the finished recording of a stream.

We could help you build a custom workflow to stream to S3 as a stream target, but we’d have to build that for you through a paid Wowza Professional Services contract. You could email to discuss the possibility with a sales engineer.

But as of right now, we only have a way to upload the finished recording @Gaurav_Srivastava

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Okay thanks for your response. I think I can write custom module for this, I will try first then I will connect to the sales team.

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Ok that sounds good- I wish you success!

Yes, We created custom module for this.