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VOD mp3 file that is generated to playlist.m3u8 in Wowza can not be played on Android

a VOD mp3 file that is generated to playlist.m3u8 in Wowza can not be played on Android.

However, a m3u8 generated by ffmpeg from a mp3 stream can be played on Android. (Note that the mp3 http stream can not be played on some Android, therefore it was converted to m3u8 to be played on Android).

—> Wowza mp3 playlist.m3u8 has problem ???

Mistake: The m3u8 took source from an AAC stream, not MP3 stream ----> can play on Android.

I am still not sure if Android Web can play Mp3 stream? Mp3 playlist.m3u8 generated by Wowza can’t be played on Android.

If so , how can we play mp3 stream file on Android with Wowza ?


Try setting the property ‘cupertinoPacketizeAllStreamsAsTSVOD’ on your vod application. That does seem to work.

Follow this guide for the specific configuration through the Wowza Manager,

under the heading ‘Live and VOD applications’.



Can you play it back on an iOS device?

What is the playback URL format? Have you tried using the mp3: prefix?




Does your Android device support Apple HLS streams? Please note that not all Android devices have the same capabilities.

Are you able to play back a video Apple HLS stream using that same Android device?


I used exactly the format link that you mentioned. It can be played on VLC. I don’t remember exactly but I remember very likely that it can play on iOS. However, it can not be played on Android.

The Android can play video M3U8 streams but can not play the Mp3 m3u8 that Wowza generated using the above link. This maybe a Wowza problem of the generated m3u8 playlist mp3 of Wowa or … ?

Any solution ? Android really cant play the m3u8 mp3 generated from Wowza. iPhone can.