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VOD to handle 10k concurrent users


I want to know what specs I need, to handle 10k concurrent user for VOD.
And how much time it would take to encode like 100 video (120 min avg) at the same time and then store it.
I also want to know what is the best storage server specs I need.
Thanks in advance

Thank you for the great question. With VOD, we have a couple of different ways you could scale and support that number of viewers. We would recommend:

A. MediaCache

Media Cache is a read-through caching mechanism built-in with Wowza Streaming Engine media server software that increases the scalability of video-on-demand (VOD) streaming.

B. Scale with a CDN

If you have Wowza Streaming Engine and use a CDN then you can configure a VOD HTTP Origin application on your Wowza Streaming Engine and have your CDN connect to it. Your CDN will cache your VOD content. We have an article that covers this below.

For more scaling options, go HERE.

My issue is same but thanks for the help… now i can resolve it