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WebVTT captions in DVR streams

I inject onTextData events via a http provider in a live stream. I configured the application property cupertinoLiveCaptionsUseWebVTT to true. When I play the live stream in a video player, the subtitles display correctly. When I play the dvr stream (same URL with ?DVR at the end), the subtitles track is not present in the player ! Is this a Wowza bug or is there another property to set in order to get it working in the DVR stream ?

Looking into this for you @laurent garnier.

The reason you are having an issue @laurent garnier is that WebVTT is not supported with DVR. Wowza does support captions with WebVTT, but we are not able to support the DVR/WebVTT workflow.

The following article describes how to take onTextData and send the captions as WebVTT for iOS devices: (doesn’t include DVR though)

To take the CEA-608 captions in your live stream and ingest and convert them to onTextData please follow the instructions in the following article: