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Wowza secure token valid end time


I had setup secure token for the VOD, and the token end time had to be set as long as the length of the video for the HLS video to work. As example, for a 2 hours of VOD video, the secure token end time has to be longer than 2 hours. But during this 2 hours window, I can use this secure token to replay the video or download the video entirely, which is not secure. Is there any way to set the token end time to a short time, like 5 minutes, and renew it automatically as long as the users is authenticated and have the program to access the secure secret to generate the secure token.



Great question @Cheng Zheng as there are indeed third party tools that allow people to download the mp4 if they have the playback url with the security token.

The best practice for securing a stream from unauthorized downloads is the implementation of Digital Rights Management (DRM).

Feel free to review the About DRM page I linked to in the WSE documentation. Should you decide to purchase a DRM solution for which we have documentation, you can follow the steps in the appropriate document to implement the DRM solution of your choice. We have options that are already integrated with Engine and some that aren’t. This is really YOUR choice as far as which one you go with.