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Wowza streaming engin, wowza CDN?

I have two questions.

Question 1.

I purchased a wowza streaming engine license and am using it.

I want to use wowza CDN, do I have to pay an extra fee to use wowza CDN?

Question 2.

WOWZA is installed in AWS EC2 and in use.

I received 4K 60fps video streaming and transcoded it.

The FPS was unstable when the video was checked at the receiving location (from 20 to 60 fps).

I wish I could see the FPS at 60fps on a regular basis.

I wonder if there is a solution.

  1. You must sign up for Wowza CDN separately; you can do that here:

  2. This may be a problem with the encoder settings; check if the encoder has a fixed frame rate and a fixed key frame interval (e.g. 2 seconds); also check the connection between the encoder and the Wowza Server and make sure there are no dropped frames (check the Wowza Server logs)

Thank you for your answer.

As shown on the link, I should pay $0.055 for 1GB, right?

I thought waza streaming engine license would be free to use waza CDN. Is that right?

Yes, you must pay $0.055 per GB that is sent over Wowza CDN. And no, you don’t get CDN for free if you have a Streaming Engine license.