Wowza CDN Delivery Pricing

Add professional-grade CDN delivery to your Wowza Streaming Engine Deployment. Use the Stream Targets functionality to connect to the global Wowza CDN and deliver HTTP streaming at unbeatable rates.

Wowza CDN Subscription Pricing

  • One global rate of $0.055 per GB.
  • Pure pay-as-you-go pricing. No recurring fees.
  • Spin CDN usage up or down anytime. No commitments.
  • Seamless integration with Wowza Streaming Engine.

Bandwidth Price

per GB

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How Wowza CDN Delivery Works With Wowza Streaming Engine

Wowza CDN allows you to publish streams from Wowza Streaming Engine to a global CDN for delivery. Use the Stream Targets functionality to push a single or multi-bitrate stream to Wowza CDN.

No Commitment Pricing

Receive the best prices with no recurring fees or upfront commitment.

Quick Integration

Use stream targets to push a stream from Wowza Streaming Engine.

Global Network

Broadcast from anywhere, worry free, with our global ingestion network.

Reduced Latency

Lower overall end-to-end latency through support for reduced HLS chunk sizes.

Reliable Scaling

Reliably scale high-quality viewing experiences around the world.

Stream Security

Secure your streams with secure tokens and geoblocking.

Usage Analytics

Gain insights to stay on top of your usage and optimize your viewer experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use Wowza Streaming Cloud CDN with Wowza Streaming Engine? 

Existing Wowza Streaming Engine customers can use the Wowza Streaming Cloud CDN via stream targets. For detailed instructions, please see our tutorial: How to scale Wowza Streaming Engine with Wowza Streaming Cloud CDN delivery 


Who is eligible to purchase a Wowza Streaming Cloud CDN subscription?

Only customers with an active Wowza Streaming Engine license are eligible to purchase a Wowza Streaming Cloud CDN subscription.


What version of Wowza Streaming Engine do I need to use the Wowza CDN?

The stream target functionality to push to Wowa CDN requires version 4.3 or later. Please note, functionality for HLS delivery may vary by version number. Please contact us to learn more about CDN capabilities by version.


What if I don’t have a Wowza Streaming Engine license?

If you use Wowza Streaming Cloud CDN without the use of a Wowza Streaming Engine license, you will incur hourly stream processing fees. If you do not own a Wowza Streaming Engine license, you can purchase a Wowza Streaming Cloud Live Event subscription for your streaming needs.


Do I need to pay for hourly stream processing when using Wowza Streaming Cloud CDN with Wowza Streaming Engine?

As long as you create a live stream with Wowza Streaming Engine as the video source, and select “Multi-bitrate” to prevent Wowza Streaming Cloud from transcoding your stream, no hourly stream processing charges will be incurred. If you wish to have Wowza Streaming Cloud transcode your stream, you will be charged for each transcoded hour, starting at $6 per hour.


Buy Now

An active license to Wowza Streaming Engine is required for purchase. Charges will be incurred for each GB delivered via Wowza CDN. Please note, stream target functionality for Wowza Streaming Cloud CDN requires version 4.3 or later.