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Wowza Streaming Engine Network Consumption


I’m using Wowza Streaming Engine to stream live video from several web cameras over RTMP.

When examining the network usage during a live stream, I see that each client that connects to the server using VLC consumes about 2Mbps.

Does this make sense? what if I need to support thousands of concurrent users? how do I prevent the network from being jammed?

Maybe I’m going in the wrong direction, and need to setup my server and client differently?

Any help would be appreciated.



Can you provide more details on the streams coming in from the web cameras? If you are not transcoding the bitrate of the stream is determined by the source. In your case it sounds like the camera is sending a 2Mbps steam which is then what is being delivered to the clients.

In order to support thousands of concurrent users you either need to use the Wowza CDN with HLS delivery or set up your own Origin/Edge configuration. (not sure what protocol you are using to reach your clients)

For Reference: