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WoWza trickplay

Hi guys,

I know you have this one:, but it does not work for us as in fast mode it do not have speed. As I understand you no longer support those features and move towards that direction. My question is:

  • Is there any way our team to extend it by creating plugin/patch or something;

  • Do you have suggestions how we can achieve similar thing?



Hi Salv,

Our trickplay/fastplay demo using the com.wowza.wms.module.ModuleFastPlay module is purely there as an example. The RTMP stream of the Extremists.flv can be played through the example browser code and provide 4x, 15x, 30x speed both forwards and backwards, though sped up or slowed down audio is not heard. You can get full trickplay features if playing the example Extremists.flv file through a player such as VLC, and when adding the advanced controls to the control bar it will allow you to drag forwards and backwards including audio at same speed.

I’m not aware of any future development of this functionality but will feed this back to our backlog queue. I can’t give any timescales on when or if it gets released though.

Kind regards,


Hi Paul,

Thanks for the answer. I’m aware of the VLC, but we want to do this via Flash Player and put it on website page. Is there any possibility for us to create a custom plugin to wowza?