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Thread: CameraIp under NAT, how to upload stream from camera to Wowza ??

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    Default CameraIp under NAT, how to upload stream from camera to Wowza ??

    First of all thanks in advace !!

    Im newbie to wowza server.
    I did some test and I could succes publish (on wowza ip live) a stream which source comes from CameraIp, using rtsp protocol.
    (By this way, wowza be able to request to cameraIP directly, launch RTSP commands (setup, play ) and recevice streaming and then publish it.

    But now, Im trying another scenario.
    I have my CameraIp under my private (home) network. As I know, wowza never could request directly to Camera because NAT ports is closed (home network).
    At local network I have a PC and I am able to request RSTP commands to camera so Im trying to configure , using "RSTP SETUP command" in way to Camera Publish RMTP packages to public wowza server. Notice that Play rstp commands will be started by PC.

    But I need to configure wowza to listen incoming data. How could I do it?

    Thanks in advance , (apologies for my english grammar)

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    Hello and welcome to the Wowza support forum.

    Wowza can pull a rtsp stream over any port as long as it is not blocked by a firewall and is properly mapped in your network to the Wowza server. Take a look at these guides:
    How to set up an application for RTSP/RTP streaming
    How to troubleshoot RTSP/RTP playback

    This guide shows how to add ports to Wowza.



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