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Can I get RTSP output with CDN?

Hi, I have a Trivia Android App. But I’m in trouble with live streaming. Managing multiple servers to scale in large volume concurrent traffic is a big hassle. So I think for scaling I should use Wowza stream target feature to send a single connection to CDN and my user will ingest live stream from CDN.

But is it possible to get an RTSP output from Wowza listed stream targets (Wowza CDN & Tata Communication)? and can I use Verizon CDN with Wowza stream target to get the same RTSP output?

Please help me.

Hi @Zaied Sifat. I doubt if any CDN still supports RTSP playback. I know that Tata Communications (previously Bitgravity) has supported it a long time, and also Jet-Stream (previously Streamzilla). But nowadays CDNs focus on HTTP-based streaming like HLS and DASH, and a few also support proprietary solutions, typically based on WebRTC or WebSockets.

RTSP doesn’t really work well with a CDN, and also it’s difficult to scale. If low-latency is your primary reason for choosing RTSP, then there are several decent low-latency streaming providers that you can find via Google etc. If you want a low-latency CDN solution, have a look at Wowza’s Ultra Low Latency CDN.

Hi @Karel Boek-Senior Consultant. Yes, low latency is my main concern but I need an affordable solution too. And another thing is I need it for a larger con-current audience like 50K to 1 million or more. Does Wowza CDN ( provide RTSP output?

And if I can’t use RTSP as playback from any popular CDN can you suggest me anything else for my concern? Because HLS-Dash has very high latency but I need it below 3-4 seconds. Please help.

If you need an affordable solution, then I can assure you that RTSP is not affordable at scale. I know that HLS and DASH have high latency, that’s why I recommended Wowza’s Ultra Low Latency (ULL) solution - which can do 3-4 seconds latency; see

My recommendation is that you contact them on

PS: Since this is a Wowza-forum, I don’t find it appropriate to mention competitive solutions here, but there are several low-latency solutions that can scale better than RTSP - you may find some using Google.

One more thing: are the 50K-1M concurrent users in your country or region, or are they all over the world?

Only in my region cause my app is restricted to download from other countries.

I checked LinkedIn, and do I see correctly that you’re from Bangladesh? Because in that case it may be a challenge to use any CDN. There are no CDNs that have a POP even close to there. I may have an idea, contact me directly on to discuss further.