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Cannot create more than 4 Streams with streamschedule. The 5th channel would output 0 bytes

Every time I try to add more than 4 StreamSchedule Channels The channel is there, I triple checked the smil file and everything is fine, the channel is outputting 0 bytes for some reason.

I’d probably start with checking the Wowza logs and see if there are any messages that point to a cause. A typical problem is that the video file isn’t suited for streaming, either because it uses unsupported codecs or because to so-called “moov atom” isn’t in the right place.

Hello, the channel works if i turn off another channel also if i reboot the server whichever channel starts first works, whichever is last outputs 0 bytes and does not work. Will post back logs here.

Are you using a trial or developer license?

I am using a developer license.

The trial and developer license have a limit of maximum 3 running streams (see; not sure why you’re able to run 4, as you say. But I bet you will see somewhere in the Wowza logs that you’re at the license limit. Upgrade to a full license and you’ll be able to run unlimited streams (dependent on the capacity of your server)

If I buy the 95$ per month license will I be able to add unlimited streams?

Yes; you can either buy a monthly license for $95/mo or a yearly for $780 (out of my head); there’s also perpetual licenses. See For other questions about licensing and pricing, better to contact Wowza :slight_smile: They know best

Contact if you’d like to ask question about the different plans and they are more than happy to explain which may be best for you.