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Develop applications based on IP cameras


I have multiple IP cameras and I would like to build a web application that is able to mange these cameras independently. But in order to do this, I have a couple of questions:

  1. How can multiple streams could be loaded into Wowza? I already mange to play the stream from a single IP camera. So I was wondering how to do it for the rest of them? I’ve stated the stream by using the http://localhost:8086/streammanager tool described in this link:

Could all the IP camera streams be loaded/played in the same manner?

  1. Also I would like to record all these streams on the server and create independent 2 hours length movies. It will be usefull to point me to a recording example that covers these requirements.

3.Is there a HTTP API that could be used on the client side application to tell Wowza when to start a movie/end a movie/play a live stream/stop a live stream?

Or this things have to be coded on the server side. If so, could you point me to an example of how to write java code on Wowza?



Hi danut_m,

Happy to help.

  1. Just follow the instructions again, except for the part where you create the, instead make a file with a different name like mpegts.stream2 and in there put the URI to your other camera.

  2. You can use the liverecord streamtype as mentioned in the user guide to record everything. Or, for more fine tuned control take a look at the LiveStreamRecord module:

  3. There is the videorecording example in the Wowza examples folder which can control recording from the client side. For server side, the above module is as good a place as any to begin to familiarize yourself with the Wowza IDE.

Hi randall,

Thank you for your quick answer. I follow your sugesstions and I manage to record the camera stream. The next step will be to use the Wowza IDE.

Thanks again,