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How to check the crash log of Wowza Streaming Engine?

I have a server which the Wowza Streaming Engine is running.
Yesterday, the Wowza Streaming Engine crashed suddenly.
I found that 8088 port was working but 8087 port was not working.
But I couldn’t find any log related with the crash on the server.
How can I check the crash log for that?
It is very important for running the wowza server stable for us, so I want to know the crash reason and prevent it in the future.
Help me!

You would see the error in the log that says:

Wowza Streaming Engine Manager could not connect to the Wowza Streaming Engine service (http://localhost:8087). Verify that the Wowza Streaming Engine service has started and is running.

As far as why, here are some suggestions for you in this article:

There are several forum posts on this as well if you enter port 8087 in the search bar above. Here is a post that may help you as well and offers several suggestions:

Lastly, see this image from the following article:

You’ve misunderstand my question.
Of course, I restarted the WowzaStreamingEngine after crash, and it worked well after that.
What I want to know is the crash reason.
As I told before, it’s very important for me that WowzaStreamingEngine works permanently with no errors.
So I want to find out the reason of crash and fix it so that no error will occur in the future again.

I see. There is no log that will give you the exact crash reason, but there are some that will give you hints why. There could be several reasons why from CPU load to lack of bandwidth, memory leaks to the Java version you’re using to port redirect issues. I understand this is not something you cannot have happen of course. But it can be corrected quickly in a support ticket.

Are you seeing these errors by any chance in the logs?

  • CommandInterfaceCommandShutdownServer.invoke: Shutting down server

  • java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Direct buffer memory

Support tickets for "Streaming Engine crashing" are almost always corrected by tuning your server so let me share some additional resources so you won't have to continue restarting Engine.


B. An additional article on tuning your JAVA is below in the article Why is my Engine Server Crashing?

It’s not possible to accurately diagnose or debug in the forums, so if you’d like us to identify the exact reason so you can correct this, we would need to review your entire configuration and logs and test it in a support ticket.