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How to upload video or images from S3 to Wowza cloud????


I have a web application which contains lots of video, now i am facing the of streaming issue so i want to move all these videos on Wowza Cloud server from S3 Bucket

I have stored all video on S3 Bucket

I have referred this url

If any Documents on this please share




At this time Wowza Streaming Cloud does not support video on demand (VOD). While we are able to record your live streams, you are not able to play the recordings back through the Wowza Streaming Cloud.

For your VOD workflow, I would suggest that you check out our Wowza Streaming Engine software that you could install with one of our Cloud Partners.

Amazon Web Services

Google Cloud Platform


Microsoft Azure

I hope this clarifies the current capabilities of Wowza Streaming Cloud and directs you to a solution for your workflow.