Deploying Wowza Streaming Engine on AWS Marketplace

Wowza Media Systems partners with Amazon Web Services to provide Wowza Streaming Engine™ customers two ways to deploy their software on a world-leading cloud computing platform. 


Why AWS Marketplace?

World-Class Cloud Platform

Deploy on a cloud computing platform that runs virtualized computing resources for large-scale, decentralized deployment of a site or service.

Flexible Payment Options

Purchase through AWS or bring your own Wowza Streaming Engine license.

Easy Deployment

Wowza provides Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) with preconfigured versions of Wowza Streaming Engine that are ready to start.

Purchasing Options

Flat-Rate Pricing

Marketplace BYOL

  • Pay a flat rate for Wowza usage, with either a monthly subscription or a perpetual license. Receive a Wowza Streaming Engine license to deploy on AWS.

  • Select an AMI, inject your Wowza license, and pay hourly for usage.

  • Register for Wowza Support in your Wowza Account in order to receive support from Wowza.

Hourly Pricing

Marketplace Paid

  • Pay hourly for Wowza software. Please note, volume discounts cannot be achieved. Please see BYOL model for volume discounts

  • Select an Amazon Machine Image (AMI)

  • Register for Wowza Support using your AWS ID in order to receive support from Wowza

Resources and Support

Webinar: Benefits of Streaming
With a AWS and Wowza