Chat Application

Wowza Streaming Engine™ is the efficient, cost-effective solution for a full range of video, audio, and text chat applications ranging from simple one-on-one chat to multiple way collaborative environments.


Wowza® software provides the underlying platform that enables developers to create engaging chat applications for use in social media, business, education, government and many other industries.

  1. Flexible Development Environment

    Included prebuilt Adobe Flash® and Adobe Flex® examples provide the foundation for bulding chat applications that best suit your needs.

  2. Share and Collaborate

    Go beyond chat with collaboration - Wowza Streaming Engine's Remote Shared Objects capability lets you create applications that track, share, synchronize and store data between all participants.

  3. Conference in HD

    Full compatability with H.264 encoding in Flash Player 11 lets you stream high quality video chat and conferencing.

  4. Vast Selection of Applications

    Tap into the many Wowza-compatible 3rd-party products ranging from simple chat to highly sophisticated community collaboration applications.

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